New model delivers fresh solutions


Totally integrated: a new wave.

Siemens has long been recognised for its high-quality building automation product portfolio. Our building control products of lighting systems, HVAC, fire and security have been installed in thousands of new and existing buildings and we’re proud of the technological achievements we’ve reached in their development.


Now, we’re pleased to bring a new service to our customers that integrates our high-tech products with a brand-new bespoke building management system design service, that work in combination to deliver an optimal solution every time.

We believe that a detailed knowledge of the different elements that comprise a building’s digital systems is required so that a first-class design and build can be delivered. This knowledge, when joined with a ready understanding of how these systems can be integrated provides a seamless user experience, and significant cost savings in the design, installation, commissioning and lifetime maintenance of the system.

Our new, multidisciplinary team of operations and design experts is uniquely placed to provide proven technical expertise on the products used to automate buildings and how we can use them to provide safe and efficient building designs. We are now leveraging our technical expertise and coupling it with our project delivery capabilities, to provide integrated, turnkey building automation solutions, across all building digital systems.

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So, how does it work? We believe in working closely with both our customers and our trusted partners to make sure the design is perfect and the installation of the highest standard. The process starts with one of our expert consultants technically assessing the requirements through detailed discussions with our customer before producing a design for fire, security and building management systems.

Then comes the conversation about maximising efficiencies and how those systems can be designed to make sure our customer benefits from the cost savings gained from increased functionality.

Next we introduce one of our principal partners to deliver the design through the installation and commissioning of the systems. We have developed excellent partnerships with installation contractors and trust that their skills and expertise complement our products and design.

We’re excited about this new model which perfectly combines our technological expertise and finest products with expert partners to provide our customers with the ultimate solution for their building. A fully integrated service = a full integrated solution.


There for a lifetime.

We believe that we’re ahead of the game in terms of our product and systems development and technological advances. It’s our focus to continue to spearhead the move towards totally digitalised buildings and, in that respect, we will continue to innovate to make sure we bring the best products and solutions to market. However, we also appreciate we need to be a safe pair of hands when it comes to the through-life maintenance of our systems. Our designs and solutions will only continue to bring efficiencies to our customers if they are well maintained. This is why we have a full-service department with a long-established and knowledgeable team that delivers lifetime support and maintenance: a function that neatly closes the loop on our design, build, deliver model.


Efficient, effective, smart.

It is clear there is potential for huge efficiencies from delivering an effective technical solution that unifies the elements of fire, security and business management systems. We have shown that there is a distinct cost benefit to working with us to deliver all three. Added to that bundle the through-life management and upgrades, then we have ‘efficient’ and ‘effective’. But what about ‘smart’?

To bring the ultimate in optimisation, we are using digitalisation and digitised systems to analyse a building’s performance. We are recording all the activities that our systems undertake, such as, how the HVAC is operating: what are the water temperatures and air temperatures during certain points during the day? From the fire system: what detectors have been triggered, what have they detected? Security: where are people moving and how are they getting there?

We then harvest this data, record it and analyse it, and when there is sufficient information we examine the trends and review what that tells us about how the building is being used and how it is operating. This process and detailed analysis will inform future designs and provide us with the opportunity to optimise them which, in turn, will delivers the potential for our customers to operate a truly smart building.


The sky’s the limit.

Are there any limits to what our model can achieve? Not really! Our focus is on our customer’s requirements and the purpose of their building – this is what informs our bespoke designs. It makes no difference if the building is new or existing, it all depends on its function; a factory will have very different ambient needs to a clean and sterile pharmaceutical facility.

Designs can range from a simple building that turns on its air-conditioning when the offices are occupied, to a building that understands where its people are, what they are doing, how they got there and what their needs are.

We believe that if you can dream it, we can do it.

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