Discovering the world of #Digitalisation


Image Source: Siemens

Normally my weeks are hectic and on weeks like this I look forward to unwinding at the weekend with a spot of motor biking, whether that’s trail riding or an afternoon out in the countryside. Being outdoors at the weekend, with just the bike and myself creates a feeling of total freedom and is one of the best ways I have found for unwinding.

If you look beyond the exterior of a modern bike, it’s clear to see that there are some exciting developments happening. Take a brand like Ducati, known globally for its distinctive brand. Huge strides have been made in the past decade on bringing digital development to reality. In Ducati’s case, a wonderful blend of the old and the new has been brought together to deliver the spirit associated with their bikes.

Digital development is incorporated into the design, testing and manufacture of a modern motorbike which is then handed over to be hand built by one of the many talented crafts persons in the Ducati works – the perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship.

Software plays two important roles in the development of a modern motorbike: (i) software developed to manage the operation of the bike and (ii) software in innovating design, testing and development.

In the operation of the bike, #digitalisation helps run the bike at optimum conditions, keeping the rider safe and focussed on the road ahead.

In motorbike innovation, digitalisation has enabled Ducati’s time to market to be reduced from 40 months to 24 months. This has been achieved through the creation of 3D models of development bikes to enable virtual testing, design development and tool design for manufacturing.

Moving these tasks into the digital work has allowed tasks to be carried out simultaneously, resulting in significant time savings.

And it’s scalable – Ducati have so many models (currently over 25) that following the digitalisation path in relevant parts of business delivers tremendous benefits, whilst keeping the “soul” of the bike and the brand intact.

But back to the week ahead.

For this particular week it’s just as hectic as. Busy calendar and busy workload but I’m looking forward to what will be an exciting week. I’m especially excited as I’m joining the #SiemensDigital event at the Festival of Speed (#FOS) at #Goodwood. It’s going to be a great opportunity to explore and discuss the topic of digitalisation.

I expect that there are many questions about what digitalisation really is, what the digital revolution is going to bring and what benefits we might see – so in addition to my own experience with bikes, I’m looking forward to the event to see what other innovations are coming through.

Will post any interesting cases I find!